gold refining machines



Our new factory where we manufacture gold refining machines, e waste recycling systems and catalytic converter recycling machines.

And this where we turn our 40 years of experience into real solutions and systems.

Our laboratories where technological reserch and development is done and where we hold training couses for our customers about gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium recovery know-how.

Developed Products :

  • Pipe emptying with acid system, operating without any smoke hole,
  • Bombing machine, which recycles gold 100 %
  • Burning oven, which enables garbage and waste to be burnt without any smoke or any loss,
  • Drying machine for hollow products,
  • Filter discharging acid vapour and waste liquid under environmental conditions,
  • Gold coating system
  • Gold chemicals, gold cyanide, silver cyanide, gold chloride, gold amalgam (tombak)
  • Gold alloys
  • Catalytic Converter Recycling
  • Systems for platinum, palladium and rhodium recovery from catalytic converter

We build complete systems and teach how to operate through operating trainings. We provide know-how and consulting services.

We design and produce all kinds of machines and equipment using plastic materials (like corrosion proof, pp, pvc) and metals (like stainless steel, titanium), on which we have specialized.

Contact us to minimize your loss, maximize your product quality, and increase your profit.

Specialized In :