Anyone who is active in Precious Metal Market or Jewellery /Precious Metal Manufacturing should control the carat perfectly. The oldest and most assuring method to determine the purity is the Fire Assay Analysis (Cupellation) method. The cupellation method is a certified method and still gives greater precision than any other method.
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The Full Fire Assay Analysis Operation, How to Control Gold Karat / Carat Purity
You can use the table below for refence.

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With EMAK's Silver Refining and Electrolysis Systems you can refine Silver to 99,5% and 99,99% purity. For more info:

If you want to know the purity of gold bars before or after refining operation, the most effective and accurate method is fire assaying.

We can teach and supply all necessary systems. Please watch the complete video of assaying from the link below.

Thanks to EMAK Refining and Recycling Systems latest precipitation technology, you don't have to worry about collecting refined pure gold fast and without loss!

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Electronic waste production in great amounts and its problems, which challenge the field of Waste and Environment Management, steam from the increase in the production of electronic appliances, diversity-seeking consumers, and perishable products.

To solve the problems of electronic waste recycling and extract valuable metals by hydrometallurgy, leaching and organic solvent are used.

To do this, after a specific amount of electrical and electronic waste was crushed, ground, and refined, it was sampled. Then, the sample was washed with water, and its remaining was leached into nitric acid. As a result, copper and silver were dissolved in it, and considering chemical features, gold refining remained in solid objects.

To dissolve gold, the leached sludge is leached into the mixture of 1 mole nitric acid and 3 moles choric acid. More than 99.92 percent of the dissolved gold refining with some impurities entered the aqueous phase.

Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing concern globally as well as in the UAE. The UAE is known to have one of the lowest life-expectancies of consumer electronic waste which is around two years of use [1].

As a result, electronic wastes are piling up in landfills which pose potential environmental and health threats. The situation has been deteriorating due to increasing industrial production which has been culminating from a high consumer demand for the newest and most powerful gadgets.

It is difficult to find reliable statistics about amounts of electronic waste and gold recovery in the UAE because clear strategic surveying, like the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive in Europe and the EPA in the US, is not present locally.

Table I shows some global statistics for electronic waste. As an extrapolation, it is reliable to compare electronic waste amounts in the UAE to those of developed countries such as Europe or the US since UAE is known to have a big share of global electronic sales. Even by conservative estimates of Dubai Municipality, about 10,000 personal computers (PCs) were expected to be dumped by the end of 2007.